Instrument Technologies, Inc.

Instrument Technologies, Inc.

Under Door Scope System

Instrument Technologies, Inc. Under Door Scope

No more surprises!

Dangerous situations become deadly when surprises lurk in the next room. While no one can eliminate all hazards, crisis management demands every effort be made to minimize physical danger.

The Under-Door Scope slides under doors in less than a quarter of an inch of space. You can pivot its offset 55 field of view to observe the whole room from the floor up.

  • Extremely fast optics provide high resolution images
  • see into total darkness using optional IR Emitter kit, without NV adapters
  • Direct viewing eyepiece and/or Video package
  • Telescoping carbon fiber pole permits safe stand off
  • Optional audio probe permits listening on target with highly sensitive probe microphone
  • Optional left, right, up viewing adapter permits view down hallways or up doors

Telescoping Infrared / Daylight Camera Systems

Instrument Technologies, Inc. Telescoping Infrared / Daylight Camera Systems
  • Add optional camera head to telescoping carbon fiber pole (part of Under Door Scope at right) to create extendable pole camera system
  • Two camera heads available: Daylight/Infrared and Daylight/Infrared/Thermal for heat signature detection
  • See clearly through plate glass windows into total darkness
  • Monitor includes inversion switching for "top down" applications
  • Optional detachable camera head with 100 ft. cable

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