Winkelmann - Tactical and Surveillance Systems

Block Phone Cellular Jammers

Block Phone Cellular Jammers

  • Will not interfere with other communications systems
  • All cellular standards single, dual, tri and quad
  • 61 power level digital control
  • Remote control option
  • AC or DC operated
  • Applications: Prisons, Embassies, VIP Protection, EOD

Woodpecker Stereo Stethoscope System

  • Through Wall Listening Kit
  • Extremely sensitive high gain amplifier
  • Wireless option functions up to 50 meters inside buildings and uses pocket receiver
  • Uses highly sensitive accelerometers
  • Optical Contact Model uses unique Optical acoustic technology with built-in noise canceling
SMS Switch ad Alarm Tracker Unit

SMS Switch ad Alarm Tracker Unit

  • Model 2400E has built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Responds directly to SMS text messages sent over mobile
  • Alarm notification and tracking of high value equipment
  • Model 2003B is a basic switch providing 4 outputs
  • Movement detection
  • Operated directly from your mobile phone
  • 12/24vdc powered
Kestrel Series Covert and PTZ Cameras

Kestrel Series Covert and PTZ Cameras

  • Camouflage in either monochrome or colour
  • Variety of concealment lenses
  • Highly sensitive CCD
  • PTZ has 100X zoom
  • Only 56mm package length
  • Included wireless PTZ controller, distances to 1Km
Kingfisher Fiber Optic Microphone

Kingfisher Fiber Optic Microphone

  • Undetectable microphone with extremely sensitive optical pickup to capture full sound range from soft whispering to to normal conversation
  • Fiber lengths from 10m to 1Km
  • Impervious to interference from electrical sources
  • Ruggedized fiber or zip cord coated fiber
  • Extremely difficult to detect
Peregrine Keystroke Reader

Peregrine Keystroke Reader

  • Ideal for capturing passwords
  • Miniature burst transmitter powered from keyboard
  • Receiver has an LCD display for real time viewing
  • Data link for recording reception to PC or PDA
  • 500K keystroke flash memory option
  • 10 character per second transmission
  • No external software required

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