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MS 3000 Counter Surveillance Receiver

MS 3000 Counter Surveillance Receiver

  • Up to 15 GHz range with built in MDC
  • Full remote monitoring over Internet plus e-mail alert
  • Video Demodulation and display
  • Dedicated search for signals, i.e. hoppers and video
  • Most Sensitive Sweep System on the market
  • Spectrum Analyser display
  • Comparison mode for "friendly signal" rejection
  • AC line coupler
  • High Sensitivity broadband antenna with automatic antenna selection

Hawk and Hawk XDi (Non Linear Junction Detectors)

  • Variable output up to 8W ERP (model dependant)
  • Discriminates between electronic and harmless radiators
  • 2nd and 3rd Harmonic return display
  • Circular polarized antenna
  • OLED screen on XDi
  • 4-10 selectable operating frequencies
  • XDi detects and displays Corrosive junctions for potential IED investigation
  • Differential audio tone
Searcher Hand Held NLJD

Searcher Hand Held NLJD

  • Compact hand held NLJD for rapid and easy detection in concrete, office furniture, etc.
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Advanced DSP for optimized sensitivity and detection range
  • 1 Watt peak ERP
  • 4 hrs minimum of continuous use
  • Frequency hopping for interference free operation
  • Auto Range setting
GSM 184, 186, 196 Mobile Phone Detectors

GSM 184, 186, 196 Mobile Phone Detectors

  • Detects 2G and 3G mobile phones whether transmitting or in standby
  • LED bar graph signal level indication
  • Auto brightness display
  • Advanced digital filtering for signal isolation
  • Unique signal analysis for accurate detection
  • Cadenced Vibrator Alert for covert operation
  • 5-300 meter range
  • Directional antenna option

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